Film Friday

Lido, Venice, Italy 

I recently discovered a fantastic podcast called On Taking Pictures and I’ve been mainlining episodes for almost two weeks.  They always end the session with photo challenges, which I like.  A recent assignment was street art. Some people just took snapshots of street art, but I tried to incorporate it in street photography.



Seen in Venice 

Seen in Venice 

Venice Bridges  on film 

Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Austria 

Buda Castle, Budapest 

Arches!  All on film, all in Budapest. 

Street side trollies in Budapest.  All modes of public transit available to the populace there: trolley, bus, subway and trains, not to mention excellent pedestrian infrastructure.  Returning home from such cities is always a letdown because here there’s nothing.  Nothing useful, anyway.  And then I just get pissed. 

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Hungary 

Impromptu trip to Pops last night since the sky was having a party.  I’ve always thought that bottle would look much more dramatic with the right clouds.  I didn’t even venture in the building.  Next challenge: night storm!  

On a side note, I’ll never get tired of going there and will continue to occasionally feature what is essentially a gas station.  

Film Friday

Back to Budapest.  St. Stephen’s Basilica from all different vantage points.  

Europe break for an OKC moment on Flickr.

I guess I had a thing about the street lamps in Budapest.  

Grand Bizarre, Budapest