1. Film Friday, Bizzell Memorial Library, June 2014 

    Pentax KM  Kodak 400tmax, 50mm

  2. The Stage Center, one of the grooviest buildings I’ve ever seen, received the death penalty from the OKC Board of Adjustments earlier this year. I’m exceedingly pissed I procrastinated and didn’t get there before tonight; albeit its current half-demolished state made for more interesting photos.  Thankfully the guard at the gate capitulated and gave me a tour. 

  3. #blackandwhite #infrastructure #norman #universityofoklahoma #architecture (at McCasland Field House)

  4. milk bottle on Flickr.

  5. Seen in downtown Norman 

  6. polish ‘n wax on Flickr.

  7. Bonus film pics today, because they arrived in the mail this afternoon. On my last day in NYC, my camera broke. The back of it popped open not once, but twice (I had just taken it in to be fixed too!  Long story, I ended up buying another one on Ebay).  Anyway, I was afraid all the photos I took on the Brooklyn Bridge got exposed, but I decided to see if any of them made it.  To my delight, I only lost about a third of the roll.  

  8. Film Friday, April 2014     

    Here’s a few of shots from the OKC Festival of the Arts that I forgot about. 

  9. For a brief moment in time yesterday, I was internet famous.  My storm pic was on the front page of Reddit.

    Let it be known that I am now a mere plebe again. Fame is fleeting, people.  Keep your friends and family close.  

  10. university trees on Flickr.

  12. caught on campus on Flickr.

  13. I still have 90 days or so to go on my current 365 project (picture a day for a year), but I’m already thinking about what I can do for my next one. For a while I’ve been considering taking a picture of the same thing. Whether it will drive me mad and force me to quit within two months is anyone’s guess. If I decide to do it, this sucker will be my subject.

  14. My in-laws accepted an offer on their property last night. After over 40 years, it will no longer be a part of our family.  I’ll be posting a lot of images in my need to document what will soon no longer be Red Clay Hill. 

  15. Film Friday

    Kodak Portra 400, 50 mm